About RegionAle

RegionAle was created with the goal of highlighting regionally famous American sandwiches and craft beers. These legendary sandwiches originate from across the country, including quintessential favorites such as the Maryland Crabcake, Philly Cheesesteak, and Florida Cubano.  At RegionAle, we maintain the essence of these sandwiches while simultaneously modernizing them with fresh, unique ingredients. 


Here at RegionAle, we strive to provide our customer with a distinctive, delicious meal. Our sandwiches are made from scratch, using locally sourced and seasonally appropriate ingredients whenever possible.  In addition to our main fare, we also offer seasonal soups and salads, as well as numerous sides including house-made chips and cookies. 

While we emphasize a modern culinary approach, our sandwiches are rooted in tradition - embodying cultural differences from across our great country. Whatever state you hail from, we hope that enjoying a meal at RegionAle is equal parts nostalgic, delicious, and refreshingly original.


About The Owner

RegionAle was founded in 2016 by Kevin Curley, an Ellicott City, Maryland native.  After attending the Culinary Institute of America and the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University, Kevin worked in the restaurant industry as a chef for several years.  Driven by his love for sandwiches and passion for entrepreneurship, Kevin envisioned a unique, new restaurant concept. After months of planning, testing recipes, and construction, RegionAle opened its doors on November 21, 2016.